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STM Integrated stepper motor

STM57PI  Integrated stepper motor
  Closed loop / open loop control                                                                    Integrated drive and controller

  ·Closed loop control mode prevents out-of-synchronization
  ·Support stall detection and out-of-step compensation
  ·Automatically adjust the current output according to the load to               reduce the motor temperature rise
  · Maintain a stable position after positioning, no oscillation
  ·Open loop control, low speed mute control, low vibration



  · Integrated drive supports up to 10A current, natural cooling
  ·Maximum support for 128 subdivisions, more precise control
  ·Open parameters for users to debug
  ·Support software limit function
  ·Support position mode, speed mode, OPR mode
  ·Internally realize motor speed curve planning, equipment running       more smoothly                          


  Integrated high precision encoder     Efficient origin return and setting

   ·Internal integrated high resolution absolute encoder
   · Know the current absolute position when powering up
   ·Can choose angle feedback or pulse number feedback
   ·It can be flexibly set to prohibit the entry range, so that the zero
    return direction avoids the restricted area and controls

 ·Recover the origin return at high speed without the origin sensor
   ·Save wiring and can be used in situations where sensors cannot be installed
   · Can be manually moved to any position to set the origin
   · Support multiple origin return methods, flexible configuration

  Integrated digital input and output    Support online upgrades and multi-platform development 

   · Localized digital input and output, making the controller easier
     and simpler
   · Can be connected to a variety of signal type sensors, such
     as: photoelectric switch, proximity sensor, Hall   sensor, etc.
   · Can be flexibly configured to complete different functions as
     needed: left limit, right limit, zero switch, etc.                     

 · Convenient maintenance, development according to user needs,
    online upgrade without returning to the        factory
   · Provide multiple platform development cases to make any control
     so simple
   ·Support secondary development such as LabVIEW and C++                                                                        


  Complete diagnostic alarm function    simple design

  ·Integrated stepper motor power-on self-test diagnosis,
   timely discover hardware failure, avoid shadow Ring
    system operation
  ·Equipped with a variety of safety protection functions,
   visually display the motor through LED flashing alarm
Current state
   ·Protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage
    ,  overheating, overcurrent, and stall alarm
   ·Support for current and historical alarms
  ·Only 2cm is added to the standard motor shape
   ·Compact structure, high efficiency and small size
   ·Saves installation space
   ·Integrated and simple design, a variety of protective devices, safe and reliable                   

  Input voltage   Control interface
  ·Support 5VDC~24VDC, common anode connection
  ·Support direction signal, pulse signal, offline signal
  ·Photocoupler isolation 
  Digital input and output   protection
  · Configurable 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output
  · Input high level 5VDC~30VDC, low level 0VDC~2VDC
  ·Maximum open drain output 100mA
  · Support over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat,
    over-current, and other protection functions
  Downtime current   Running current
  ·Automatic semi-flow (configurable)
  · Peak 4A, adjustable using 0.5-4A
  Use environment   PWM input frequency

  · Temperature 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
  · Relative humidity 10%RH~85%RH
  · No condensing occasions, no corrosive gases, no flammable 
    gases, no conductive dust and no oil mist

        model               Rated current (A) Holding torque (N·m) Step angle (°) Phase Body length X (mm)  Weight (kg)
STM5741- PI 2.8 0.55 1.8 2Phase 61 0.52
STM5756- PI 2.8 1.26 1.8 2Phase 76 0.77
STM5776- PI 2.8 1.89 1.8 2Phase 96 1.12
STM57B5- PI 2.8 3.00 1.8 2Phase 135 1.79



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