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Float matrix
Release Date : 2018-11-16 13:56:03

The float matrix is a form of mechanical and artistic combination that was born in recent years. Thousands of motors are used to drive the ornaments to move up and down vertically, and the motion controller is used to realize the changes of various stereoscopic graphics effects. The cooperation of the audio media brings audio and video and visual impact to the audience, and the stereoscopic effect is very strong. Among them, the motion controller and the actuator component-motor drive become the key to the technology. 

NiMotion integrated motor adopts "motor + encoder + driver" highly integrated product solution, adopts bus control, and integrates I/O function. Compared with the traditional solution, the wiring is greatly reduced and easy to install, which can save installation space and simplify The complexity of the system is especially suitable for the application scenarios of multiple motors. At the same time, the installation method of the distributed system also reduces the installation difficulty and potential security risks of the customer. At present, the suspensions displayed by the mainstream float matrix are relatively lightweight, and the maximum load is 1Kg. Assuming that the diameter of the turntable is 40mm and the maximum speed is 1m/s, the NiMotion integrated motor STM4248A-CAN is fully compliant. Ball matrix execution component selection.

The floating ball matrix formed by NiMotion integrated motor is matched with the motion controller independently developed by our company. Based on the high-speed and stable communication technology, excellent dynamic synchronization performance can be realized, and the three-dimensional pattern of different scene requirements can be displayed.


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