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Release Date : 2018-11-16 13:53:05

NiMotion closed-loop stepper servo makes the music fountain more long-sleeved

Since 1930, the German inventor, Mr. Otto Pitte, has brought out the concept of fountains, and the musical fountain has brought countless happiness to people.
But her construction is quite troublesome, and the overhaul has always been a chronic illness for engineers. If the cost is too high, it will be troublesome and
troublesome. Now Beijing Limaisheng Control Technology Co., Ltd. brings the latest solutions and adds new beauty to the society!

1) Traditional wiring form


2) Wiring method using NiMotion integrated motoradvantage:


1. Green energy saving, streamlined structure

1) The standby current can be adjusted according to the customer's usage habits, which greatly reduces the heat loss of the motor.

2) Reduce line length and reduce cable heat loss


2. Closed-loop system, precise motion, easy to control: 1) Absolute encoder, subdivided 14 bits 2) Motion precision 3) External IO for easy expansion
3. CAN bus control, convenient wiring: 1) Multi-axis synchronization 2) Fast communication speed 3) Strong anti-interference ability
4. Rich alarms, easy to find problems: 1) Overcurrent alarm 2) Blocking alarm
5. Better overall cost: 1) Reduce cable cost 2) Reduce construction cost 3) Reduce time cost of finding faults 4) Reduce maintenance costs

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