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Integrated motor applied on automatic cruiser
Release Date : 2018-11-16 13:52:13
       NiMotion's integrated motor adopts the "motor + encoder + driver" highly integrated drive integrated product solution, and is used by more and more domestic and foreign customers in the field of unmanned driving. NiMotion is working with customers to welcome the era of driverlessness.

       The following is an introduction to the application of the NiMotion integrated motor STM5756A-CAN on an automatic cruiser. STM5756A-CAN is an integrated motor controlled by NiMotion with CANopen bus control. It has the smallest size at home and abroad, but only increases the standard length of the motor by 2 cm. The STM5756A-CAN driver is designed with reference to the CiA402 protocol standard and is compliant with the CANopen communication standard. For user-friendly programming, NiMotion also offers a free motion control command function block. The customer directly calls the rich motion control command function block to implement the STM5756A-CAN motion control.

      An automatic cruiser is a type of driverless car. A driverless car is a smart car that senses the road environment through an in-vehicle sensing system, automatically plans driving routes, and controls the vehicle to reach a predetermined target. It uses the on-board sensor to sense the surrounding environment of the vehicle, and controls the steering and speed of the vehicle based on the road, vehicle position and obstacle information obtained by the perception, so that the vehicle can travel safely and reliably on the road. It integrates many technologies such as automatic control, architecture, artificial intelligence and visual computing. It is a product of computer science, pattern recognition and intelligent control technology. It is also an important indicator to measure the scientific strength and industrial level of a country. The national economy has broad application prospects. 

     The motion execution part of the STM5756A-CAN driverless intelligent control system is the last link of the entire driverless system and is the executor of intelligent driving. STM5756A-CAN adopts closed-loop control, which does not lose step, and achieves efficient use of torque. It supports cyclic position mode and can smoothly switch target position in 10 milliseconds. More than 150 drive parameters can be flexibly configured for different experimental occasions. Drive and motor alarm function; efficient, stable, perfect to implement the path planning of the decision system to the action of the vehicle steering mechanism. The goal of the control process is to make important parameters such as position, attitude, speed, and acceleration of the vehicle in line with the latest decision results.



       NiMotion integrated motor is based on miniaturization technology, motion control technology and information network, and introduces customer needs for product development. Committed to mechanical control, information control, drive control, together to improve the reliability of motor operation. STM5756A-CAN is not only a member of the NiMotion integrated motor family, but also includes Modbus communication integrated motor and WiFi communication integrated motor. The product line covers 42 series, 57 series and 86 series.

       In fact, NiMotion is on your side. NiMotion can be seen in unmanned vending machines, medical devices, living robots, float matrices, stage lighting controls, and musical fountains.

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