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Satellite antenna automatic tracking system
Release Date : 2018-11-16 13:51:02


In satellite mobile communication systems, antenna automatic tracking technology is a very critical technology. In the automatic antenna tracking technology, the most critical issue is the speed of antenna acquisition and tracking of satellites. Nimotion is an integrated stepping hybrid servo motor for satellite antenna automatic tracking system, which can effectively improve the speed and accuracy of system tracking. The integrated stepping hybrid servo motor adopts an integrated design;

NiMotion innovatively incorporates servo control technology into stepper motors, revolutionizing the creation of integrated motion control terminals with new and outstanding performance. Physical terminal
        · Intelligent, built-in motion controller;
        · CANopen/Modbus bus control, multi-axis CANopen network communication;
        · Reinforced motor, long life design;
        · High efficiency, high precision, high response;
        · High-precision encoder's space vector current control algorithm delivers excellent performance over the full speed range, maintaining smooth, quiet operation even at low speeds.
        · Rich, smart and stable design to meet customer requirements.


Problems solved by Nimotion satellite antenna automatic tracking system
Since the satellite is in constant motion, it is a very important issue to ensure that the satellite communication system has better communication capability in this state. In order for the satellite communication system to maintain strong communication capabilities while in motion, two problems must be solved first. First, how to quickly capture the satellite while it is in motion makes its communication capability guaranteed. Second, how to make the satellite antenna accurately point to the satellite when strong sloshing occurs, so that its communication capability is guaranteed.
The first problem can be solved by using a gyroscope to control the NImotion integrated step hybrid motor so that it can move in the opposite direction of the motion carrier sway, and the motion carrier's attitude will change accordingly, and then use GPS technology. The position information of the carrier is determined, the position of the communication satellite is determined, and finally the azimuth and elevation angle of the satellite antenna are calculated to achieve successful capture of the satellite. The key to solving the second problem is to search for the strongest point of the satellite signal, then adjust the antenna to ensure it is aligned with the satellite, and finally perform automatic tracking. In this automatic tracking process, it is necessary not only to continue to use the gyroscope to monitor the attitude change of the isolated motion carrier, but also to ensure that the antenna can always point to the satellite in the fast motion state of the carrier. The more common automatic tracking is step tracking, etc. The nimotion solution uses step tracking. This technology has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high stability, and achievability, so it has a wide range of uses.



The basic principle of step tracking system
Step tracking technology is a kind of closed-loop control technology. Specifically, it can be divided into two parts: search and adjustment. In terms of search, the signal intensity received by the satellite antenna is compared and analyzed through multiple searches to determine the specific situation of the antenna beam deviating from the satellite. Then according to the result of this analysis, the direction of motion of the antenna is determined and returned to the original position; in the aspect of adjustment, if the satellite signal is weakened, then the direction is further reversed, if the satellite signal is enhanced, then Go further in this direction.


Antenna automatic tracking technology is a very critical technology in satellite communication systems. In this technology, the speed and accuracy of antenna capture to satellites is a key issue that must be addressed. The NiMotion integrated step-mixing servo motor is adopted in the step tracking system discussed in the solution, which can overcome the defects existing in the prior art, and at the same time take into account the speed and accuracy of the tracking, so it is widely used. In addition, the system uses CAN bus communication, not only has a certain anti-interference ability, but also adapts to the long-distance communication requirements of the customer 500M, which is also very important in communication. And NiMotion integrated stepping hybrid servo motor is fast and simple, and it is of great significance for real-time tracking of communication satellites.


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