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PMM integrated servo motor

PMM40 Integrated low voltage servo motor
?60 一体化低压伺服电机

  PMM40 introduction

  PMM series integrated servo motor is a brand new low voltage servo product independently developed by NiMotion. Based on the leading MBD    development method and integrated development concept, it integrates permanent magnet synchronous motor
  The encoder and servo drive are integrated, using FOC field-oriented control technology and SVPWM (space vector modulation) technology,             supporting EtherCAT / CANopen bus servo control, with volume
  The small and simple wiring features are widely used in AGV, mobile robots, collaborative robots and other scenarios.
  PMM40 features

  ·Highly integrated design reduces installation complexity and saves space
  ·Eliminate the matching process between the driver and the motor, reduce the cost of use
  ·Adopt EtherCAT / CANopen protocol (DS402)
  ·Wide voltage input (16 ~ 52VDC), can use battery power supply
  ·Optional power-off brake protection
  ·Integrated single-turn absolute value encoder, zero point memory within limited range
  ·Provide speed and position feedforward parameter configuration to improve response speed
  ·Integrated I / O, can be set to positive limit, negative limit, origin, multi-function digital output, pulse input detection
  ·Real-time fault monitoring and protection functions, including over-current, I2T overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, over-speed, over-tolerance protection
  ·Provide application solutions and development kit support for multiple scenarios to shorten the user's development cycle
  ·Customizable features in multiple sports modes: dual-wheel differential drive mode, wheelset slip alarm, etc.
  PMM40 integration diagram


  Input voltage                                  Power

  ·50W 100W                           
  Control mode    Letter of agreement

  ·PP, PV, PT, Homing mode
  ·Cycle synchronization mode operation (CSP, CSV, CST,
based on communication cycle)
  ·Interpolation mode (IP, based on interpolation cycle)

   Follow "CiA Draft Standard Proposal 402 CANopen
    Device Profile Drives and Motion Control "Standard
  Integrated I / O   Manufacturer custom

  ·Positive limit, negative limit, origin setting, multi-function
digital output

  Control motor speed and direction by external input pulse
  Drive & Feedback   Motor control performance 

  ·Adopt FOC magnetic field oriented control technology and
SVPWM (space vector modulation)
   20KHz current loop response

  ·Minimum speed 1rpm
  ·Speed control accuracy: ± 1rpm
  ·Control accuracy: 1/10000 (2500) pulse
  Fault detection and protection
 ·Overcurrent, I2T, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat, overspeed, over-tolerance protection


  Model  Power(W)   Rated speed(rpm)   Continuous output torque (N·m)  Maximum output torque (N·m)
Integrated encoder
Body length X(mm)
PMM4005 50 3000 0.16 0.32 0.02×10 -4 93mm 0.5
PMM4010 100 3000 0.32 0.64 0.034×10 -4 113mm 0.7



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