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Application case of integrated motor on PLC
Release Date : 2021-07-03 17:43:46

         The integrated stepping motor of Beijing NIMOTION Control Technology Co., Ltd. uses Modbus communication control or CANopen communication control, and provides a wealth of motion control function blocks for free. The upper computer can be PLC, single-chip, motion controller, and embedded screen.
         The NiMotion integrated stepper motor has a high degree of integration. Compared with the previous traditional motion scheme, it can greatly reduce wiring and is easy to install. It can fully save installation space and prevent damage such as burnout. It is especially suitable for replacing multiple motors.
        At the same time, the NiMotion integrated stepping motor integrates IO and synchronization functions, supports distributed control, and facilitates users to monitor the production process, collect data, and perform data analysis, thereby forming a highly flexible, personalized, and networked production chain.
        To meet the development needs of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, it provides a solution to replace traditional stepper motors for users' intelligent manufacturing while saving users' costs.
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