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Selection of several common pulse control methods in motion control
Release Date : 2021-07-03 17:31:40

Selection of several common pulse control methods (can be achieved through the parameter setting of the servo)
The pulse + direction mode is the most used. (Almost all small PLCs on the market support simple motion control pulse + direction mode)


Connection diagram of traditional servo motor


NIMOTION integrated servo motor connection diagram


Main features of PMM series integrated servo motors:

1. Modular high-integration design, rapid site layout and installation, eliminating the need for matching process between the driver and the motor, reducing the cost of the field bus, and reducing the cost of use.
2. It is connected to the controller through the EtherCAT/CANOpen protocol (DS402), and each node directly uses hardware to implement calculations without software participation, which greatly reduces the message delay time. Transmission rate: 2x100Mbps (full duplex) The hardware delay of a servo axis is only 1us.

3. The control accuracy reaches ±1rpm and ±1pulse, with a real-time response period of 1ms, with excellent control performance and good positioning accuracy.

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