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The difference between electric push rod and electric cylinder
Release Date : 2021-06-25 17:56:10


An electric push rod is an electric drive device that converts the rotary motion of a motor into a linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. It can be used as an executive machine in various simple or complex technological processes to realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control. The electric push rod is composed of a drive motor, a reduction gear, a screw, a nut, a guide sleeve, a push rod, a sliding seat, a spring, a casing and a turbine, and a micro-control switch.
The servo electric cylinder is a modular product that integrates the servo motor and the screw. It converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion. At the same time, it transforms the best advantages of the servo motor-precise speed control, precise speed control, and precise torque control. Cheng-precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control; a new revolutionary product that realizes high-precision linear motion series.



Electric putter

Self-locking performance: Ordinary gear screw electric push rods, most of which have absolute dynamic load self-locking function, which increases the safety of equipment operation
Accuracy positioning: Comprehensive position accuracy can reach 0.1mm
Precise control: Configure encoder and control by inverter or controller to realize closed-loop precise positioning; if the accuracy requirement is not high, it can be equipped with potentiometer to realize online control
Synchronization: Single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection to achieve synchronous lifting and absolute synchronization
Drive system: DC motor 12/24V, single AC motor, no air/hydraulic source required
Other aspects: simple maintenance, low noise, can work normally in high/low temperature, anti-corrosion/explosion-proof harsh environment

Servo electric cylinder

Closed loop servo control, control accuracy reaches 0.01mm
Precisely control thrust, add pressure sensor, control accuracy can reach 1%
It is easy to connect with PLC and other control systems to realize high-precision motion control
Low noise, energy saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, long life, simple operation and maintenance
Servo electric cylinder can be trouble-free in harsh environments, and the protection level can reach IP66
Work for a long time, and realize high intensity, high speed, high precision positioning, smooth movement and low noise

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