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The development trend of servo driver and servo motor integration
Release Date : 2020-06-10 18:10:20

In recent years, new models of servo motors have emerged. Traditional motion controllers, servo drives, and servo motors combine two by two to form an integrated drive and control technology.

1. The motion control of the host computer remains unchanged, and the servo driver and the servo motor are integrated, so that the cable between the motor and the driver is greatly saved;
2. The servo motor remains unchanged and integrates motion control and servo drive in an integrated manner.


The integration of drive and control is to integrate the controller and the driver. Its advantages include: small size, light weight, flexible deployment, low cost, high reliability, high-performance processing can complete complex robot algorithms, and more are transmitted through shared memory. Control, status information, communication speed up to 100M/s.
But its shortcoming is that it is more difficult to develop high integration, and it is suitable for occasions where the integration of physical space is relatively high.


At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers have launched corresponding integrated drive and control products. For example, the integrated design of PMM servo motor uses drive + coding + motor + a small number of cables, which makes the drive and motor adaptation more perfect, eliminating the need for drives and The matching process between the motors can be quickly deployed without the need for a bloated control cabinet design, which reduces the cost of use.
At present, servo motor systems are becoming more and more intelligent. Not only that, but also supports various types of servo drives, compatible with various feedback types, can receive analog, PWM, pulse + direction and control commands. Support CANopen, EtherCAT bus protocol, etc., provide 3 loop control and reverse function. Very easy to use, with high control accuracy. Moreover, it greatly improves the performance of the system and saves developers a lot of time.
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