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What are the application scenarios of AGV car? AGV control system solution
Release Date : 2020-06-09 18:32:33

Over the years, AGV has been used in many industries.

We use years of experience to design the most advanced solutions for autonomous vehicles and automated mobile robots (AGV/AMR). Whether it's an AGV application servo motor or stepper motor that requires a lot of torque, or a compact external rotor solution, our integrated motor can meet your requirements. Limax has cooperated with industry-leading companies to produce reliable and powerful AGV/AMR equipment. What motor does AGV car use?
Food and drink
Food and beverage production requires careful handling and is sensitive to human influence.
In a variety of applications, AGV automatic tractors can be used for production, where our AGV servo motor transports candy bakeware between the production line and the drying oven. AGVs are also used in the production and transportation of food and beverage containers, some of which are integrated with shuttle racking systems in high-bay warehouses.
Defense industry
The defense industry essentially has a unique heritage in product development, has world-leading capabilities in military technology, and sets the highest standard as the standard. AGV automatic tractors have integrated our AGV system into defense autoclave facilities where components are heated to extreme temperatures, and AGV can improve this manufacturing process.
Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly using AGV, which places high demands on hygiene and quality. AGV automatic tractors operate multiple systems in the department. These systems transport pallets of medical equipment from high-temperature sterilizers to deep-stacked radio shuttle warehouses, while AGV interfaces with (ASRS) automatic storage and retrieval systems.
Chemistry and Plastics
The chemical and plastic fields usually involve complex processes and operations, while AGV automatic tractors meet specific requirements. AGV was developed for the transportation of chemical barrels and their derivatives during the mixing process. It is also specifically designed to transport containers and cages for plastic bottles during the manufacture of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Paper and Printing
Paper and printing are one of the earliest industries to start using AGV. AGV automatic tractors are experienced in handling and transporting large rolls of paper and storing roll paper in factories and printing houses. In the printing plant, AGV transports the paper roll from the peeling station to the elevated warehouse, and then directly transports it to the printing press under the supervision of the Max control system.
electronic product
The world's leading electronics companies are using our AGV to develop and produce their products. AGV can perform various useful operations, such as transporting parts, assembling products to and from the production line. The AGV automatic tractor has modified the AGV to transport goods in a highly specified clean room environment.
Warehouse and Distribution
With the growth of warehouses and distribution and the demand for smarter warehouses, AGV automatic tractors are at the forefront of this digital revolution. By converting OEM vehicles into fully functional AGVs, they can automate these repetitive tasks and eliminate damage to the shelves. The Max system can be integrated with the host ERP system and provides excellent product traceability.
The industrial production department has always been one of AGV's largest users. Our customers range from small industrial facilities to some of the world's leading manufacturers.
Many companies use automated guided vehicles to simplify the production process, and AGV automatic tractors are a key element in performing flexible and repetitive tasks in their industrial environment.
The offline AGV system is associated with fast-moving cargo companies, especially in mass production departments, where products must be quickly and safely transported from the end of the production line to an internal warehouse or dispatch grouping area. AGV automatic tractors are experienced in developing AGVs, and can handle 1-4 pallets at a time to ensure the customer's production process.
With the continuous development of the industry, we provide customized options, you can choose the motor that suits your needs. We offer a variety of products, offering various speeds, torque ranges, feedback options, connector types, and installation options. Our AGV/AMR servo motors also offer integrated drive options to provide compact and streamlined solutions.
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