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CANopen bus-controlled motor-integrated low-voltage servo motor
Release Date : 2020-06-09 18:16:04

PMM series integrated servo motor is an intelligent motor that supports CANOpen bus protocol. When using CANOpen bus control, the state of the integrated servo motor is controlled by control word switching, such as power-on, start, stop, etc.

The CANOpen bus protocol is a high-level communication protocol based on the control local area network. It includes communication sub-protocols and motor sub-protocols that are often used in embedded systems. It is also a field bus commonly used in industrial control.
Characteristics of CANopen bus motor:
1. The start and reset of the motor driver are controlled by the state machine. The state machine needs to include the following states: Initialization, Pre-operational, Operational and Stopped. When a network management (NMT) communication object is received, the state machine will switch to the corresponding state.
2. Variables can be used to adjust the configuration of the motor, and can also correspond to the data of the motor measurement or the output of the motor. Object Dictionary (Object Dictionary) is a 16-bit index (Index) variable array, each variable can have 8-bit subindex (Subindex). When the state machine is set to operational , the application part of the motor will implement the expected mechanism of the motor. This part can be adjusted by the variables in the object dictionary, and the data is sent or received by the communication layer.
3. The communication unit handles the communication protocols needed to communicate with other modules on the network.
Advantages of CANOpen bus integrated servo motor motion control system:
1. Adopt EtherCAT/CANopen protocol (DS402), standardized motion control, can carry out complex multi-axis servo parallel high-speed collaborative control
2. Significantly save cables, bring better EMC protection, reduce electromagnetic interference
3. Real-time fault monitoring and protection functions, including over-current, I2T overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, over-speed, over-tolerance protection, ease of use
4. Reduce installation complexity, flexible movement, easy deployment, provide friendly and simple maintenance and replacement experience
5. Conducive to miniaturization and high efficiency of machinery

The company has been committed to the development, application and promotion of integrated, integrated and intelligent motion control systems. NiMotion provides a complete set of open and flexible integrated motor motion control system solutions. Motor products support multiple field buses (including RS232/RS485/CANopen/EtherCAT/USB, etc.), which are connected through a distributed architecture bus. The automation platform that implements different modules and different functions brings unprecedented humanization and convenience to users' automation systems.
In summary, the integrated servo control of CANOpen bus control is especially suitable for application scenarios that require high performance and high efficiency. NiMotion has developed a series of integrated servo motors with excellent control performance and good positioning accuracy, which can be applied to Various automation equipment.
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