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What is the basis for selection of servo motor?
Release Date : 2020-05-22 17:41:42

Servo motors are feedback control systems for correct compliance or regeneration processes. Automatic control system, the object's position, orientation, state and other output variables can follow any changes in the input target. Its main task is to control the torque, adjust the power supply according to the necessary conditions of the control device, and adjust it. Moreover, it makes the torque, speed and position control of the drive device very flexible and convenient.

The function of the servo motor is similar to that of the frequency converter acting on the public AC motor mainly used in the high-precision positioning system. Generally speaking, the servo motor is controlled by position, speed, and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system as a high-end product of transmission technology.
Choosing the appropriate servo motor needs to consider all aspects of the main selection according to the system requirements. Before selecting, first analyze the next system requirements such as size, power supply, power, control mode, etc., and set the direction of selection. Look at the parameters selected by the servo motor.
1. Continuous current, peak current;
2. Power supply voltage, control part power supply voltage;
3. Supported motor type, feedback type;
4. Control mode, form of accepting commands;
5. Communication protocol
6. Digital IO
Based on this information, you can roughly select the matching servo motor. In addition, factors such as operating environment, temperature, and humidity must also be noted.
When choosing a motor, not only must the matching degree of the motor driver be considered, but also the control mode. There are three control modes for servo motors. The position mode can determine the speed and length of motion according to the frequency and pulse frequency. The torque mode and speed can be set by external analog input or communication commands. In torque mode, the motor outputs a fixed torque that cannot control position and speed. The position mode strictly controls the speed and position, and is generally used for positioning equipment. The appropriate control mode can be selected according to the request of the system and the type of superior control.
The PMM integrated servo motor adopts the integrated design of drive + coding + motor + a small number of cables, which makes the drive and motor adaptation more perfect, eliminating the matching process between the drive and the motor. The cost of use.
At present, servo motor systems are becoming more and more intelligent. Not only that, but also supports various types of servo drives, compatible with various feedback types, can receive analog, PWM, pulse + direction and control commands. Support CANopen, EtherCAT bus protocol, etc., provide 3 loop control and reverse function. Very easy to use, with high control accuracy. Moreover, it greatly improves the performance of the system and saves developers a lot of time.
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