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Experience sharing: Step by step computerized stepper motor
Release Date : 2019-03-08 09:49:36

For the implementation and implementation of many of our ideas, we need a motor that is very obscure and very clever.
Today we will introduce how we use a computer to realize the process of turning a stepper motor.

Tools / Materials:

Computer with USB port USBCAN gateway NiMotion integrated stepper motor 12/24V DC power supply NiMotionCanIDE.exe

First, connect the host computer and USBCAN converter

1. Download the NiMotionCanIDE.exe software, extract it and use it, no need to install it, green version. Find the following icon and double click to start running.

2. Insert the USBCAN converter into the USB port of the computer and confirm that the converter starts to work normally. I am the green light and the yellow light is on at the same time.


3. Open the converter in the software and set the converter type, baud rate and motor scan options as shown in the figure.


Second, connect the motor

1. Prepare the motor and connect the 12V/24V DC power supply and USBCAN converter according to the interface description of the motor manual. Power interface(PWR) VCC with missing corners, GND with communication interface (CAN)


2, power on, power on the motor, then you can see the motor serial number appear on the software of the computer, different motors may be different serial numbers,
do not mind.



3. Select the motor serial number and click Get Parameter to read the local parameters of the motor into the software of the computer.


Third, the motor operation

1. Open the PDO configuration and configure the PDO information in the CANOpen protocol. See the picture for the configuration content. After the configuration is complete, click"Set parameters", set the configured information to the motor. Configuration completed




2. In the speed mode, set the movement speed, then click on the forward rotation to turn the motor up.


3. At this point, the motor will turn. We are just doing a role in inspiring the jade, the rich functions and usage of the motor, we need to explore together.


Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, pay attention to the safety of electricity, non-technical personnel recommend 12V operation.
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