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Focus on 2020 International Industry Fair-NiMotion‘s exhibition tour
Release Date : 2020-09-24 17:39:15
The five-day 22nd China International Industry Fair ended on the 19th at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

(Staff of NiMotion participating in the exhibition)

With the theme of "Intelligence and Interconnection-Empowering the New Development of Industry", this year's CIIF has 9 major exhibitions, attracting 2,238 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions around the world, among which overseas and foreign-invested enterprises Accounted for 20%.
The first exhibition of nearly 500 new technologies and new products at the current CIIF is the most concentrated one in history. Regardless of whether it is foreign brands or domestically produced equipment, R&D and manufacturing are showing a trend of shifting to domestic.
This is an exhibition that boosts confidence, seeks innovation and changes. It is also an exhibition that focuses on the coordinated development of the domestic and international manufacturing industry chains and promotes the deep integration of industry, university and research.

(Explaining to customers)
At this exhibition, NiMotion exhibited a variety of self-developed products, demonstrating its intelligent products and overall solutions in the global value chain in the transformation of new industries.
NiMotion team members have worked in the field of industrial automation for many years and have rich experience in product development and industry applications. The company's mission of "intelligent control drives the future" has always been fulfilled.

Integrated smart products, simple but not simple
Integrated intelligent products, based on the concept of smart, refined and efficient automated intelligent products, integrate multiple functional modules into one.

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