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【Invitation Letter】 2020 Industrial Fair looks forward to your visit
Release Date : 2020-09-10 18:28:15

The 22nd China International Industry Fair will be held in Shanghai-National Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition has 9 professional exhibition areas, with a total of more than 2,600 exhibitors participating. NiMotion is once again invited as a high-quality exhibitor in the industrial automation zone At that time, NiMotion will bring professional integrated motors and motion control equipment to the 6.1H Industrial Automation Exhibition and participate in the activities of the China Industry Fair.

Founded in 1999, the China International Industry Fair is the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in China’s equipment manufacturing industry. It is an important window and platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in China’s industry The State Council has approved the only large-scale industrial exposition with award evaluation functions.


The latest theme of this year's China International Industry Fair is "Intelligence, Interconnection-Empowering the New Development of the Industry", with the display and promotion of digitalization, networking, and intelligence integrating informatization and industrialization as the main line, linking China's smart manufacturing focus The emerging industries of the country highlight the national “One Belt One Road” initiative, highlight smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and serve the manufacturing power strategy.
NiMotion does not forget its original intention, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "intelligent control drives the future", we have accumulated experience, combined with market knowledge, and created an integrated closed-loop stepper motor, integrated servo motor, integrated brushless motor, and integrated Series of integrated products such as motion controllers.
NiMotion's operation control technology, servo drive technology and products are widely used in industrial control fields such as robots, CNC machine tools, electronic processing and testing, printing, packaging, and production automation.

So far, NiMotion has completed the deployment of motion control systems for more than 1,000 customers in nearly dozens of industries. After years of product and technology cultivation, combined with industry needs, it provides a series of system development platforms for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to quickly realize industrialization.

1. Integrated closed loop stepper motor

STM series integrated stepping motor products are high-performance low-power stepping servo products independently developed by NiMotion. With its excellent closed-loop control system and integrated development concept, it integrates stepper motors, encoders, and drivers. It adopts FOC field-oriented control technology and supports CAN bus control. It has the characteristics of small size and simple wiring, which can be used for servos. The application of motor performance provides a cost-effective solution, and the price is only the level of ordinary stepper motors.

2. Integrated servo motor


PMM series integrated servo motors are brand new low voltage servo products independently developed by NiMotion. Based on the leading MBD development method and integrated development concept, it integrates permanent magnet synchronous motors, encoders, and servo drives. It adopts FOC field-oriented control technology and SVPWM (space vector modulation) technology, supports EtherCAT/CANopen bus servo control, and has With its small size and simple wiring, it is widely used in AGVs, mobile robots, collaborative robots and other scenarios.

3. Integrated motion controller


NIMC2000 series motion controllers are a new generation of PLC motion controllers, combining the concepts of modern control technology in industrial control, integrating CoDeSys V3 control platform, PLC functions, and motion control functions in the same hardware device; this control The controller supports all PLC programming methods, logic control functions and multiple motion control algorithms. With EtherCAT master station, MODBUS, CANopen and other modern industrial fieldbus interfaces, and standard distributed I/O, it can be expanded according to customer needs, suitable for complex, changeable, and demanding user needs in modern industry. Provide scalable, concise, economical and advanced solutions.

NiMotion sent an invitation to all of our users to be at booth C001, Hall 6.1H, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 15th to 19th. We sincerely look forward to your visit! !
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