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"Development of multi-axis motion controller" entered the support list
Release Date : 2020-05-27 16:33:26

Recently, the government of Daxing District in Beijing announced the planned support projects of the 2020 science and technology development plan. After an expert group's evaluation, a total of 39 science and technology development plan projects in Daxing District will receive the Daxing District's proposed support list. Beijing NiMotion scientific research project "Development of an Extensible High-speed High-precision Intelligent Multi-axis Motion Controller Based on EtherCAT Communication IO" was among them.

It is reported that the Science and Technology Development Plan (Technology Leading Industry Development Special Project) project focuses on the development of leading industries in the Daxing District, focusing on supporting innovative industries such as the medical and health industry, next-generation information technology, aviation technology, and new energy intelligent connected vehicles to improve regional innovation capabilities Strengthen the leading role of technological innovation in supporting regional economic and social development.
Over the years, NiMotion has followed the trend of the times and has developed a series of motion control systems, various communication protocols, and a series of intelligent components. It has obtained a number of patents and qualification certificates. Has developed into a product development, manufacturing and sales of professional integrated intelligent motor and motion product controller manufacturing enterprise, "Development of a high-speed high-precision intelligent multi-axis motion controller based on EtherCAT communication IO scalable 》 Is a key R & D project of Limaisheng Company. The project introduces linux real-time operating system and industrial Ethernet EtherCAT bus technology, and independently developed a complete networked multi-axis motion controller system. After market research and analysis, the product of this project has leading technology and industrial prospects in China.

EtherCAT is a new type of real-time industrial Ethernet field bus, developed from standard Ethernet technology, with flexible topology and full duplex, simple configuration, used in multi-axis motion control systems. Using EtherCAT frames to achieve high-efficiency data communication between the axis motion and the controller can achieve multi-axis synchronization accuracy in the microsecond level.
This high-speed and high-precision intelligent multi-axis motion controller based on EtherCAT communication IO can occupy a large domestic market, replace foreign products, provide better solutions for user application solutions, and can greatly save the space occupied by the equipment Wiring is more convenient and faster when the system is complete, greatly reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs.


Products that are closer to market application requirements can greatly promote the development of the above application industries. Extensible multi-axis motion controllers based on EtherCAT communication IO can be applied to a variety of intelligent devices with motion control and execution systems. Such as logistics equipment, various types of robots, intelligent equipment, 3D printers, engraving machines, welding robots, desktop robots, packaging machinery, medical biochemical analyzers, antenna automatic tracking, solar power generation, music fountains, stage lighting control, etc.
With the continuous deepening of the concepts of "intelligent manufacturing" and "Industry 4.0", NiMotion will continue to actively invest in the development and promotion of intelligent products as always, adhering to the working concept of "intelligent control drives the future" and continuously enhancing the vitality of the enterprise and brand competition To provide high-quality motion control solutions for professional automation manufacturers at home and abroad.

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