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SCM Communication converter

SCM-USBCAN/USBCANI-LB Communication converter

  technical specifications:
  Communication capability   Meaning of indicator light
  Under the setting of 1Mbps, the converter can achieve a communication speed of 4000 frames / s. The data cache size is 600 frames.
 Communication index  numerical value
 Communication speed   4000 frames /s
 Data cache  600 frames
Table 2-1 communication capacity

  LED_can: communication status indicator, yellow
   Led_Err: alarm indicator, red
   See table 2-2 for the specific meaning of each indicator light.
  State meaning LED_CAN LED_ERR
  Power on system Keeps Extinguish
  Data flow flash Extinguish
  USB port failure Extinguish Extinguish
  Can port failure Extinguish flash
  Serious error Extinguish Keeps
  The system is not powered on Extinguish Extinguish
Table 2-2 meaning of indicator light
  Signal interface can port   Signal interface USB port

 The 2.54mm plug is used for can communication. When the interface is viewed directly according to the following view, the right most pin of can terminal is pin 1. As shown in Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1 can plug

  See table 2-3 for the pin definition of can interface
Pin function Remarks
1 GND  
2 CAN_L  
3 CAN_H  
See 2.6 grounding requirements for shielding layer
Table 2-3 pin definition

  USB interface is usb-a plug.
  Cable specification   Grounding requirements
  The can communication line complies with the requirements of iso1198 standard, and adopts the shielded twisted pair wire with the characteristic impedance of 120 Ω, 26awg, the temperature resistance is greater than 105 ℃, and the length is 1.5m.
All kinds of cables shall be arranged in bundles and troughs. When different types of cables cross, the cables shall be at right angles to each other

  This product uses USB power supply, can communication port and USB electrical isolation, short-distance communication can only connect can? H and can? L two lines to normal communication.
Grounding resistance of PC terminal system ≤ 4 Ω;
The shielding ground of PC terminal and can port is directly connected by cable. Whether to use shielding cable can be determined on site according to the interference degree. For example, if shielding cable is used, it is recommended to use single terminal grounding method for shielding ground. According to the site situation, it is necessary to select one end for reliable grounding according to the reliable grounding degree of PC terminal and can interface equipment.
  Drive installation:
  Windows driver installation (64 bit win7 platform as an example)↓   Windows driver installation (64 bit win10 platform as an example)↓
 Open the device manager, insert the converter into the USB port of the computer, and the "nimotion scm-usbcan-a" device appears in the device manager, as shown in Figure 3-1.
Figure 3-1 driver not installed

  Right click on the "nimotion scm-usbcan-a" device and select "Update Driver Software..." from the shortcut menu that pops up Menu item, pop up "update driver software" dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-2.
Figure 3-2 manual installation
  Click "find and follow the driver software manually", select the downloaded driver path and start the installation. During the installation process, the security prompt shown in Figure 3-3 may pop up. Select "always install this driver software".

Figure 3-3 safety tips
  After the driver installation is completed, the yellow light on the usbcan converter lights up, and the device manager displays as shown in Figure 3-4

Figure 3-4 installation completed

  The system of Windows 8 and above has updated the digital verification mechanism. Although the digital signature authentication can help us to verify the authenticity of the software, some software will fail to operate in the computer due to not applying for Microsoft digital signature. At this time, we can only solve this problem by turning off the digital signature authentication. The specific operation method is as follows:
    The steps are as follows:
1. Press Win + I to open windows settings, and click "update and security";

Figure 3-5 update and security

2. Find the recovery, click "restart now" under "Advanced startup" to restart the computer; click the start menu, press shift and click power - restart to achieve the same effect;

Figure 3-6 schematic diagram of advanced startup

  3. After restarting win10, select "troubleshooting" in the advanced interface;

Figure 3-7 advanced interface

  4. Select "advanced options"
Figure 3-8 advanced options

 5. Then click "start setting";
Figure 3-9 startup settings

  6. Click restart to enter the startup setting interface;

Figure 3-10 startup setting options
  7. Enter "7" to disable driver forced signature.

Figure 3-11 startup setting interface
  8. Now the digital signature is disabled, and other installation methods can be installed normally according to win7.

  Linux driver installation (64 bit Ubuntu platform as an example)

  Open Linux terminal:
  1) execute the following command to install libusb1.0 under Linux
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0
  2) execute the following command to copy the dynamic library to / usr / lib sudo CP
  3) allow ordinary users to access USB devices
  (1) execute the following command to add the usbfs user group sudo groupadd usbfs
  (2) execute the following command to add the current user to the usbfs user group sudo usermod - A - G usbfs user
  (3) copy the file 61-nimomotionusbcan.rules to the directory / etc / udev / rules. D sudo CP 61-nimomotionusbcan.rules / etc / udev / rules. D
  4) execute the following command to compile the test program
  g++ -o testUSBCAN testUSBCAN.cpp -L. -lNiMotionUSBCAN
  5) insert the converter and run the test program
  ./ testUSBCAN
  Insert and explain   Version information acquisition
  Power on for about 1 second is the start-up time. At this time, the LED can is not on, indicating that the system is starting, and the operation can be started only after the LED can is on.
When the converter is connected to the PC, before the converter enters the working state (LED ﹣ can is always on), ensure that no software occupies the converter, otherwise the PC will prompt that the can fails to open and cannot operate.

  Click "device" - > "device information" in the menu bar of the software to open the device information window, as shown in Figure 4-1.

Figure 4-1 version information query interface

  Querying device error information   Data sending and receiving
  Click "device" - > "device error information" in the menu bar of the software to pop up the can Status dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-2. The error message is displayed in the list. Click "clear list" to clear the error message.

Figure 4-2 device error information


  After opening the device and starting the can, the software automatically receives the can message and displays it in the data list, as shown in Figure 4-3.

Figure 4-3 data list
  Debugging software provides basic operation and advanced operation to send data, as shown in Figure 4-4 and figure 4-5.

Figure 4-4 basic operation

Figure 4-5 advanced operation
  Secondary development:

  The protocol converter supports the secondary development of users, and provides the secondary development interface of Windows version and Linux version. Using this redevelopment interface, you can easily use the converter device in your own program. If you need any technical support, please contact our company. See the end page for contact information.
It is forbidden to reprint or copy all or part of the manual without permission.
? product performance, specification and appearance may change without prior notice due to improvement, please understand.
? we strive to make the contents of the manual as correct as possible. If you find any problems, errors or omissions, please contact Beijing limaisheng Control Technology Co., Ltd.

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