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SCM Communication converter


  Physical characteristics                            Communication specification

  ·Size: 23.5mm x 55.3mm x 12mm, USB in-line                

  · Full speed 12Mbps; conforms to USB2.0 full speed specification
    , compatible with USB1.1
  · Support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B. Comply with
     ISO 11898  specification
  · Baud rate5Kbps~1MbpsConfigurable,default1 Mbps
  · Terminal matching:Built in120Ω
  Way of use   Stable and reliable communication

  ·Compatible with ZLG CANTest/CANPro software
  ·Provide Windows, Linux driver
  ·Provide secondary development interfaces such as C++ and LabVIEW

  · Communication capacity ≥ 4000 frames / sec
  Security   CAN Interface function

  · All aluminum alloy casing, complete aluminum alloy CNC processing
  · Electrostatic level contact discharge ±8KV
  · CAN interface is electrically isolated, isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms@1min

  ·CAN Bus monitoring
  ·CAN Communication diagnosis
  ·CAN Bus baud rate automatic identification
  Software function   

  ·Support SCM-USBCAN converter
  ·A variety of data transmission methods to facilitate bus debugging
  ·Real-time save, compatible with Zhou Ligong CANPro file format
  ·Bus occupancy real-time display                             



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