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SCM Communication converter


  Physical characteristics                                                          CAN Attributes

  ·Module size: 51 mm× 95 mm× 24mm(single channel), 
                        66.2mm × 95mm × 26mm (dual channel)
  ·Protection level: IP20, metal case

  ·support CAN2.0A,CAN2.0B .conform to the ISO 11898 specification
  ·Electrical isolation: the interface is electrically isolated, solation voltage:
  ·Transmission characteristics: 128 software FIFO Receiving buffers, maximum
    data traffic sent
  ·Electrical characteristics: compatible with 5V or 3.3V voltage, dual CAN
  ·Terminal matching: integrated, select whether to enable by dial switch
  System power supply   Ethernet properties

  ·Ethernet interface: 10/100M adaptive
  ·Support protocol: TCP, UDP
  ·Working mode: TCP Server mode, TCP Client mode, and UDP mode
  Secondary development

  ·Provide communication protocol compatible with Zhou Ligong software
  ·Support firmware online update





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