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Intelligent control equipment

NIMV1000 Intelligent control panel


  The intelligent control panel is a resistive touch screen, which can be used to control the integrated stepping motor designed and produced by Limax, and realize the universal parameters, speed/acceleration, closed-loop control and origin return parameters of the motor with its simple and friendly man-machine interface. Convenient settings for five categories of motor parameters such as advanced parameters, simple control of three motion modes of position mode, speed mode and origin return mode, and real-time monitoring and feedback of the current operating state of the motor. It is stable, reliable, functional, and easy to use.
   Scope of application
   Configuration industrial intelligent control panel for NIMV1000 series 485 communication protocol
   Debug case

  Debugging with NiMotion STM5756-RS485 integrated stepper motor
  Installation diagram
  The following is a schematic diagram of the installation of the NIMV1000 intelligent control panel programmable human interface product.
   Reliability test
   To meet different field applications, the intelligent control panel has undergone a series of reliability tests including: high and low temperature, ESD, group pulse, radiation, touch life and other reliability tests.

  Technical Parameters
  Model Description    NIMV1000-485-A07-A (RS485, resistance touch)
  Product Series    Basic type
   Core processor    Cortex-M3 + FPGA dual core architecture
   operating system     No operating system, you can run it when you power it on. 
  agreement type     Scalable firmware supports MODBUS RTU protocol
   size     7.0 inches
   Resolution     800*480
   Installation direction    Support for 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree rotation installation displays 
   storage    1Gbit
   Font library    Built-in 30MB font, including any size dot matrix ASCII, GBK, GB2312, UNICODE font, can customize any computer font display
   Picture storage    Supports image storage of any size, accumulating and storing about 109 full-screen images
   colour    65K color, 16-bit RGB
   Voltage    5-40V (error ± 0.2V)
   Power consumption    The backlight is the brightest: 686mA@5V; off backlight: 168mA@5V
   communication method    RS485
   Communication baud rate    RS485: 1200 ~ 115200, typical baud rate: 9600bps
   Picture download    Support MiniUSB/SD card/UART download, R&D recommended USB download, production batch recommendation SD download
   Firmware upgrade    Insert SD card upgrade screen firmware
   Real time clock (RTC)    Support clock, timer, countdown and other functions
   Screen effective display area (AA)    Length × width = 153.2mm × 84.8mm
   Product size (length * width * height)    Length × width × height = 210.0mm × 149.8mm × 24.0mm
   Supporting PC software    VisualTFT®
   AV input    not support
   Voice playback    not support
   Video playback    not support
   WIFI    not support
   Three anti-paint process    not support
   Learning cycle    30 minutes familiar with the development environment, 3 days to complete the human-computer interaction design process
  Program debugging    The host computer integrates the “virtual intelligent control screen”, and the Keil IDE is directly bound and debugged without connecting hardware.
   Start Time    Run at power-on, no system load time
   Configuration control    Has a variety of configuration controls such as buttons, text, drop-down menus, progress bars, sliders, meters, animations, QR codes, curves, data records, etc.
   System keyboard    Built-in virtual number, character keyboard, support Chinese and English input method, can customize the number of keyboard
   data record    Support data logging control content export to SD card
   Logical processing    The host computer has a built-in script compiler, and the user can customize various complex logic relationships and protocols in the screen to meet the 99.9% product function requirements of the user.
  Life cycle    Using traditional big brand processors, many years of continuous goods
   Display type     TFT LCD screen
   Backlight tube     LED
   brightness(cd/m²)     250 
   Perspective(L/R/T/B)     70/70/50/70
   Operating temperature     -20~+70℃
   storage temperature     -30~+80℃
   Vibration test     10 to 25Hz (X, Y, Z direction 2G 30 minutes)
   ESD test     Air=±18KV, Contact=±16KV (can support higher)
   High and low temperature test     Experimental temperature: 70 ° C ± 3 ° C, 72H / -20 ° C ± 3 ° C, 72H; experimental humidity: 50 ° C ± 3 ° C, 90% ± 3% RH, 72H
   Certified ROHS     ROHS, CE certification (EMI rating: EN55022 ClassB standard)

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