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Rectifier module R4850G2
?60 一体化低压伺服电机

  Product description

  R4850G2 is a high-efficiency, high-power-density digital rectifier module, which realizes the conversion of 85 ~ 300VAC input and 53.5VDC rated output. With soft start, perfect input and output protection, low noise, can be used in parallel and so on. The latest power monitoring technology is used to realize the real-time monitoring of the rectifier module and the load, and the function of adjusting the output voltage through the background.

    ·Efficiency greater than 96%, significant energy saving
?·Wide input voltage range from 85 to 300VAC
?·Operating temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃
?·Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) ≤5%
?·Support online hot plug function
?·Fully digital control
?·Support smart meter
?·Support CAN communication
?·Support voltage and current adjustment function
?·Meet RoHS requirements
?·TUV, CE, UL, CB certification
  Product Category                                  R4850G2

  Basic indicators                   
  Size   40.8 (H) mm × 105 (W) mm × 281 (D) mm                         
  Weight    ≤2kg
  Cooling mode    Air cooling (intelligent temperature control speed regulation)
  Input characteristics
  Operating Voltage   85~300VAC
  Input voltage system   Single-phase three-wire system (or 110VAC double live wire)
  Input frequency    45 ~ 66Hz rated value 50Hz / 60Hz
  Rated input current   <17 A
  Power factor   ≥0.99
  THD   ≤5%
  Output characteristics   The output voltage   42 ~ 58VDC The default value is 53.5VDC
  Output Power   3000W (176 ~ 300VAC)
   Environmental indicators   Operating temperature      -40 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃ , 55 ℃ output without derating
  Storage temperature      -40℃ ~+75℃
  Relative humidity   5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
  Altitude change   ≤4000m (When using 3000 ~ 4000m, the high temperature derating under the use of environmental conditions, 1 ℃ lower for every 200m)
  Protection characteristics   Input overvoltage protection   Over-voltage protection point:> 300VAC
  Input undervoltage protection   Undervoltage protection point: <80VAC
  Output overvoltage protection   58.5 ~ 60.5 VDC (monitoring module is adjustable)
  Output short-circuit protection   Can be short-circuited for a long time, and can automatically recover after the short-circuit disappears
  Over temperature protection   Over-temperature protection point:> 75 ℃
   Reliability index   MTBF   >500,000 hours
   Noise   Index   ≤55dB(40℃,Full load
   Safety / EMC / Lightning Protection Features   Safety certification
  Pass TUV, CE, UL certification
  Get CB Certificate
  Comply with UL60950-1
  CAN/CSAC22.2 No. 60950 -1
  EN55022 Class B
  ETSI EN300 386
  ETSI EN301489
  ITU-T K.20
 Lightning protection   YD 5098-2005 5KA

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