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Panasonic PM-L45/T45/Y45 photoelectric sensor

 PM-L45/T45/Y45 photoelectric sensor product features
  Standard 3 protection circuits

  ·The body is small, but it is standard in all models. 1) Power reverse connection protection circuit 2) Output reverse connection protection circuit 3) Output short circuit protection circuit Through the standard equipment of the above circuit, the sensor failure caused by incorrect wiring is greatly reduced. The resulting risk.
  Protection structure IP64

  • A unique integral molding method that leaves no gap between the test surface and the body. The possibility of malfunction due to water droplets, dust, etc. is greatly reduced.
  Projection and receiving section spacing is 6mm

  ·The size of the inspection part is the same as that of our previous products, and will be cast. The thickness of the light-receiving part is reduced by 0.5mm, which makes it possible to cast light. The light interval is enlarged by 1 mm. The risk of impact on the detected object and the detection site is greatly reduced.
  Easy adjustment according to light projection and light mark
  ·Can be from before and after. Check the vertical position of the optical axis from left to right. The position of the detected object can be easily adjusted.

   Large and clear multi-angle action indicator
  ·A large operation indicator (orange) that automatically turns on when the light is projected. It can be confirmed not only from the top but also from the side.
  Compact and compact

  ·Compared with the previous product installation pitch, all models achieve a large space saving, and can easily replace the previous products.

  Easy installation of all models M3 screws
  ·Use M3 screws to hold 1 point or 2 points for easy installation. *M3 screw. Please prepare separately for gaskets.
  Reduce the risk of vibration and shock
  • Resin is used to cover the stress concentration position of the cable and internal circuit joints. This structure can effectively reduce the risk of failure due to vibration and shock.


  ·Positioning of the pallet · Detecting the origin and overrun of the moving body · Detecting the origin of the rotating body

  technical parameter
  kind              Small and cable type
    3m Cable length type
  model   NPN Output            PM-*45   PM-*45-C3
  PNP Output   PM-*45-P   PM-*45-P-C3
  Detection distance   6mm fixed
  Minimum detection object   0.8mm×1.2mm Opaque body
  Poor (hysteresis)   0.05mm以下
  Repeatability   0.01mm以下
  Voltage   5VDC~24VDC±10%     Pulsating P-P 10% or less
  Current consumption   15mA or less
    NPN open collector transistor · Maximum inflow current: 50mA · Applied voltage: 30VDC or less (between output and 0V) · Residual voltage: 2V or less (inflow current 50mA)1V or less (inflow current 50mA)
       PNP open collector transistor ·Maximum inflow current: 50mA ·Applied voltage: 30VDC or less (between output +V) ·Remaining voltage: 2V or less (inflow current 50mA)
 1V or less (inflow current 50mA)
    Output action  ON when entering light or ON when turning off light
  Short circuit       protection  equipment 
  Reaction time  When entering light: 20μs or less, when shading: 80μs or less (maximum reflection frequency is 3kHz) (Note 2)

(Note 1): * indicates three protection circuits of L/T/Y
  (Note 2): The measurement condition when no specification is used is ambient temperature = +23 °C
  (Note 3): The reaction frequency is the value when the disk of the following figure is rotated.


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