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How to choose the motor for the traditional Chinese medicine formula granule equ
Release Date : 2021-08-13 16:51:34

The birth of traditional Chinese medicine formula granule dispensing equipment is an important achievement in the modernization process of traditional Chinese medicine. It meets the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine theories. It is perfectly integrated with automation technology on the premise of not changing the traditional Chinese medicine prescribing habits and adapts to the fast-paced life needs of modern people. . Patients generally report that its weighing is accurate, its packaging is standardized, and its use is extremely convenient. At the same time, the problem of inconvenient decoction of Chinese medicine for hospitalized patients is solved.


Traditional Chinese medicine formula granules are a new type of prescription medicine with uniform specifications, uniform dosages, and uniform quality standards, which are processed by extraction, separation, concentration, drying, granulation, packaging and other production processes with traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces as raw materials.


With the help of automated drug management, high-precision dose control, prescription packaging and labeling, the traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment combines the ease of use of traditional Chinese medicine formula particles with the excellent characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for disease-related treatment, providing patients and traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers More effective and personalized TCM treatment solutions.

The safety, efficiency and reliability of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment often depend on its automated dispensing actuator, that is, the dispensing head. The actuators of the common traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment on the market are mostly composed of a driver + a stepping motor, and their control accuracy and response speed are limited, and the split actuators cause the equipment to be bloated.

The system scheme often has the following problems:

Limited by its low control accuracy, most of them are single-drop dispensing heads, resulting in low efficiency.

It lacks the ability to control the system's errors and deal with unexpected situations, and usually cannot implement functions such as alarms.

Its dispensing action plan and medicine box arrangement plan form are generally simple, it is difficult to meet the complicated action plan, and the efficiency of taking medicine is low.


Multiple integrated stepping motors placed in traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment

NiMotion provides a bus-controlled integrated stepper motor for a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment. Its integrated drive and control design makes its control accuracy and response speed much higher than ordinary stepper motors sold in the market. Parallel dispensing of multiple dispensing heads provides hardware support, which improves real-time and reliability while greatly reducing the size of the equipment.


Integrated stepper motor structure diagram

Bus-controlled integrated drive and control stepper motor integrates stepper motor, encoder and driver in one. The complicated wiring is greatly reduced, and it has the characteristics of small size and simple wiring.


1. Using CAN/485 communication protocol bus control, eliminating the need for bloated controller modules and making the configuration more flexible.

If the number of execution terminals controlled by each PLC is limited, the use of bus control can avoid this situation, and multiple integrated stepping motors can be expanded.


For traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment, this integrated stepping motor based on bus control makes the parallel dispensing of multiple dispensing heads easier to use.

2. Integrated origin return algorithm, efficient origin return and setting, can be manually moved to any position and set as the origin, no origin sensor is needed, and the origin return can be completed at high speed.


In traditional Chinese medicine dispensing, this kind of origin setting can greatly increase the usability and flexibility of the equipment, and make the dispensing of medicine more accurate.

3. Closed-loop control, integrated encoder, can prevent out-of-step, real-time feedback of motor rotation, while supporting locked-rotor detection and out-of-step compensation, and maintain a stable position after positioning is completed, there is no oscillation.

In the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, the dripping of the medicine is usually of a small amount, and due to environmental or time factors, such unfavorable conditions as moisture, condensation, and blockage may occur, causing the motor to lock up, slow rotation, and no rotation. Integrated stepping motor These conditions can be fed back in real time, making the adjustment of traditional Chinese medicine controllable and safe.

4. Complete diagnostic alarm function: overvoltage\undervoltage\overtemperature\hardware failure\blocked rotor\overload\overspeed\initialization failure\storage failure\overrun detection\origin return timeout\tracking failure\target position overflow failure\curve Planning parameters are too small, etc.

In the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, if there is system error control and blocking caused by medicines, timely feedback and alarms can be provided, which further guarantees the safety of medicine preparation.

5. Supporting self-developed debugging software, simple and friendly operation interface, rich parameter debugging window, and demonstration function, zero foundation can be easily mastered.

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