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What is a programmable multi-axis motion controller?
Release Date : 2020-08-07 17:40:55

Multi-axis motion controller is a control that coordinates the entire hardware and software structure around complex motions. In view of the computing power of today's PC processors, any new-generation motion controller (PAC) or PC-based controller can handle multi-axis motion control. However, different platforms control the system in different ways. There are usually many independent motion axes in machinery and equipment, and each axis can carry out signal input and operate independently. Therefore, multi-axis motion controllers are usually used to coordinate processing of multiple axes of the control system.

Multi-axis motion control began with computer numerical control (CNC) systems in the late 1950s. This control system is composed of special computer hardware and special programming language. Later, the appearance of transistors and integrated circuits greatly reduced the size, weight, and cost of computer hardware, but the command language and architecture continue to this day.
Over time, the multi-axis motion controller has developed into a separate control system that can meet the requirements of a unique programming environment.
According to the needs of different users, different levels of programming tools are provided, resulting in a variety of customization needs and complex motion control systems on the market.
Different suppliers generally have their own unique programming language processor platforms, so the development of a multi-axis motion controller system is specific to a certain supplier, and this development is very time-consuming.
Generally, multi-axis motion controllers are required to quickly coordinate and update the position of each axis in real time, compare its position with the predicted position, and then input the error correction value into each motor driver of the drive axis. This requires the processor of the motion controller to execute several orders of magnitude faster than the speed of the motor feedback.
Multi-axis motion controller is a new generation of universal PC-based control hardware system, which can be easily integrated into the network, but still retains the stability and modular form of PLC. This requires the controller hardware to adopt a higher-performance processor so that the PAC can run in any control application, and at the same time have excellent data processing capabilities and advanced logic programming procedures, so as to control and operate the machinery and equipment more accurately and efficiently.
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