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Application prospects of integrated stepper motor
Release Date : 2019-03-08 09:16:18

Stepper motors have always played a key role in motion control as an actuator. However, with the development of information technology, equipment and instruments have become more and more demanding on actuators. For devices that require multiple actuators at the same time, today The traditional mode of the stepper motor and the matching driver on the market is far from meeting the requirements of the current industrial 4.0 equipment. Through the analysis and statistics of the user's demand trend for many years, the results show that users require higher and better integration of equipment and instruments. The original actuators that can only perform functions are far from meeting the needs of users, compact and small. It is a future development trend with higher integration, smaller size and more reliable performance.

The market demand for stepper motor integration is getting louder and louder, and integrated stepping motor has emerged. In the pursuit of smaller size and overall price advantage, the integrated program has higher functions and more integrated stepping. The motor has a very obvious advantage and is undoubtedly the first priority solution for equipment manufacturers. However, the price of the integrated stepping motor in foreign countries is relatively high, which leads to no obvious price advantage except for the smaller size, which becomes an obstacle to the upgrading of equipment. NiMotion has been committed to the research and implementation of motion control, and is actively responding to and solving the new era of higher integration requirements. Provide customers with a solution with better quality and lower price.

It is well known that the operation of a stepper motor requires a pulse-distributed power type electronic device to drive, which is a stepper motor driver. The stepping motor controls the angular displacement, the rotational speed and the rotation direction of the stepping motor through the pulse signal from the driver.

What are the major improvements in integrated stepper motors and traditional solutions?

Traditional stepper motor solutions:


The traditional solution today is to configure the HMI+PLC+driver+encoder+stepper motor in the execution system to realize the entire execution system, but it takes up a lot of space inside the device, and the wiring is complicated and complete in the system set. It is an increase in manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Integrated stepper motor solution:


Obviously, the solution with integrated stepper motor has an absolute advantage in space occupancy. Significantly reduce equipment manufacturing and maintenance costs, but also because the integrated stepper motor is the first to integrate the driver and encoder at the beginning of the function design, while having closed-loop control, the overall cost also has Absolute advantage, some manufacturers integrate IO functions at the same time, which provides further advantages for users' future function expansion. 

Today, the country strongly advocates Industry 4.0. The high degree of integration of actuators in motion control is the general trend. While solving the pain points (space and cost) of equipment manufacturers, the overall cost has been significantly reduced. The application will be quickly covered in the visible few years.

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