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How to realize multiple dispensing heads of traditional Chinese medicine formula
Release Date : 2021-08-13 16:55:21

NIMOTION is a bus-controlled integrated stepping motor provided by a manufacturer of Chinese medicine preparation equipment. Its integrated drive and control design makes its control accuracy and response speed much higher than ordinary stepping motors sold in the market, which is a multi-adjustment for equipment. The head-and-line drop medicine provides hardware support, which improves the real-time performance and reliability while greatly reducing the size of the equipment.

Bus-controlled integrated drive and control stepper motor integrates stepper motor, encoder and driver in one. The complicated wiring is greatly reduced, and it has the characteristics of small size and simple wiring.

The bus control using CAN/485 communication protocol eliminates the need for bloated controller modules and makes the configuration more flexible.
If the number of execution terminals controlled by each PLC is limited, the use of bus control can avoid this situation, and multiple integrated stepping motors can be expanded.

For traditional Chinese medicine dispensing equipment, this integrated stepping motor based on bus control makes the parallel dispensing of multiple dispensing heads easier to use.

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