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57 planetary reducer

  57 planetary reducer application field

  ·Planetary reducers are widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense industry, mainly including logistics handling equipment industry, cement machinery industry, woodworking machinery industry, mining machinery industry,Metallurgical machinery industry, power equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical machinery industry, robot industry, port machinery industry, rubber and plastics machinery industry, etc.
  Used with STM57 stepper motor

  ·With NiMotion integrated stepper motor, reduce speed, increase torque, match inertia   

  technical parameter                                           Single-stage                                       Two-stage
  Reduction ratio   3、4、5、7、10   16、20、25、28、35、40、50、70
  Rated output torque                        Nm   12.0   29.5
  Rated input speed   rpm   3000
  Maximum radial force   N   400   500
  Maximum axial force   N   300   390
  Full load efficiency   %   96   96
  Installation method     Arbitrarily
  weight   kg   1.2   1.5
  Protection level   IP 65
  Maximum output torque   Nm   24.0   59.0
  Maximum input speed   rpm 8000
  The output speed is 100 rpm, and the output shaft length is 1/2.  
  Operating temperature   ℃ -25——+90
  Lubrication method Long-term lubrication
  Average life   h 20000h
  Flange accuracy   DIN 42955-R




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