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Transmission components

PTUX series precision turntable

  product structure   Precision parameter
  ·Angle range   360°   ·Resolution   0.002°=7.2"
  ·Drive mechanism   Turbine and worm mechanism   ·Absolute positioning accuracy   0.01°=36"
  ·Body material   Aluminum alloy   ·Eccentric   5μ
  ·weight   1.2kg   ·Speed   50°/sec
  ·Table size   Φ60mm   ·End jump accuracy   15μ
  ·Rail form   Bearing   ·Parallelism   80μ
  ·Transmission ratio   90:1   ·Repetition accuracy   0.005°=18"
  ·Center bearing   30kg   ·Empty back   0.005°=18"
  control parameter
  ·Communication   CAN/CANopen、RS-485、RS-232   ·I/O   5 configurable digital inputs and 2 outputs
  ·Driver   SDM4203   ·Motor reference page   STM42Integrated stepper motor


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