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BLM Integrated Brushless Motor
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BLM57Integrated brushless motor

The integrated brushless motor adopts closed-loop control and is independently developed It integrates brushless DC motor, encoder and bus driver It is a high-performance brushless servo motor with small size and simple wiring Welcome to call and order
  ·Brushless motor, encoder, bus driver integrated
  ·Bus control, support CANopen/485 protocol
  ·Support multiple control modes

Product description

·BLM57 series integrated brushless motor products are high-performance and low-power brushless servo products independently developed by NiMotion. Based on the leading MBD development method and integrated development concept, a brushless DC motor, encoder, and servo driver are integrated, using FOC field-oriented control technology and SVPWM (space vector modulation) technology, supporting CAN bus control, with small size and wiring Simple features.


·Match the brushless motor with small inertia and high dynamic response, adopt SVPWM and FOC field-oriented vector control, make the motor run quietly and smoothly, realize accurate position control, speed control, torque control, support 7-segment S curve planning, and integrate high-speed optocoupler Digital input, support pulse input control.

Compared with similar competitive products:

·Brushless DC motor is adopted, which has high operating efficiency, simple control and low noise. Compared with the same power brushless DC motor in the market, our integrated brushless motor has compact structure and compact size. It reduces wiring and adopts SVPWM control method than traditional Square wave control, torque fluctuation is small, noise is also smaller, parameter self-tuning, resonance suppression, low frequency suppression, fast response.

Application area

·Widely used in medical equipment, printing industry, 3C electronics, automated production lines, textile machinery, service robots, logistics automation, packaging and printing machinery.

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