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BLM Integrated Brushless Motor

BLM42 series integrated brushless motor

  Product description
BLM42 series integrated brushless motor products are high performance and low power brushless servo products independently developed by NiMotion. Based on leading MBD development methods and integrated development concepts, brushless DC motors, encoders, and servo drives are integrated into one, adopting FOC magnetic field directional control technology and SVPWM (space vector modulation) technology, supporting CAN bus control, small size, wiring Simple features
Matching small inertia and high dynamic response brushless motor, adopting SVPWM and FOC magnetic field directional vector control, making the motor run quietly and smoothly, realizing accurate position control, speed control, torque control, supporting 7-segment S-curve planning, integrating high-speed optocoupler digital Input, support pulse input control
  Compared with similar competitive products:

  ·The use of brushless DC motors has high operating efficiency, simple control and low noise. Compared with the same power brushless DC motors in the market, our integrated brushless motors have compact structure and small size, and reduce the wiring. Wave control, small torque fluctuation, and smaller noise, parameter auto-tuning, resonance suppression, low frequency suppression, fast response
  Application area
  ·Widely used in medical equipment, printing industry, 3C electronics, automated production lines, textile machinery, service robots, logistics automation, packaging and printing machinery

  Support multiple motion control modes
Support CiA402 standard protocol including contour position mode, speed mode, contour speed mode, contour torque mode, origin return mode, interpolation mode, cyclic synchronous position mode, cyclic synchronous speed mode, cyclic synchronous torque mode, NiMotion mode, internal implementation Motor speed S-curve planning
  Resonance suppression by a notch

  · 4 sets of notch parameter settings, effectively suppress vibration and improve efficiency.
  · Integrated single-turn absolute value encoder, zero point memory within a limited range.
  · Provide speed and position feedforward parameter configuration to improve response speed.
  Low-frequency resonance suppression

  · If the end of the mechanical load is heavy and heavy, end vibration is prone to occur during emergency stop, which affects the positioning effect. This vibration can be effectively reduced by the low-frequency resonance suppression function.
  Multi-stage position function & multi-stage speed function

  Multi-stage position function: V1max, V2max: maximum running speed of the first and second steps; S1, S2: displacement of the first and second steps;

  Multi-stage speed function: V1max, V2max: the first and second stage command speed; S1, S2: the first and second stage displacement;
  Simple design

  ·Added only 1.85cm on the basis of standard motor shape
  ·Compact structure, high efficiency and small size
  ·Saves installation space
  ·Integrated and simple design, multiple protective devices, safe and reliable
  BLM42 Series Integrated Brushless Motor Technical Parameters
  Input voltage   Current loop response
  ·10VDC~36VDC   ·20 KHz
  Drive way   NiMotion mode
  ·Using FOC magnetic field directional control technology and SVPWM   ·Support position mode, speed mode, torque mode
  CiA402 mode   Digital input and output
  ·Support PP, VM, PV, PT, HM, IP, CSP, CSV, CST standard mode   ·Configurable 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
  ·Digital input supports both 5V and 24V level inputs, both using high-speed bidirectional optocouplers
  ·Digital output: support MOS open-drain output, NPN, current: 1A @ 30V
  Soft limit   Configurable parameters
  ·Software position max and min    Acceleration, deceleration, jerk, jerk, speed feedforward, position feedforward, running current, temperature alarm threshold, open-loop closed-loop, electronic gear ratio, three-loop PI parameters, following error, etc.
  I / O configurable function   Special feature
  ·Multiple functions can be configured, step enable, alarm reset, pause, positive limit switch, negative limit switch, origin switch, clear fault, pulse input, duty cycle speed adjustment, incremental AB pulse input, alarm output, Target reach output, run stop output, etc.   ·Support parameter auto-tuning, feedforward adjustment, gain switching function
  ·Resonance suppression: effective suppression of vibration frequency range ≥300Hz
  ·Low frequency suppression: effective suppression of vibration frequency range ≤ 100Hz
  ·Multi-stage position function, multi-stage speed function
  ·Motor parameter identification function
  ·Internal implementation of voltage suppression algorithm
  Troubleshooting   Encoder
  ·Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, hardware failure, stall, overload, over-speed, initialization failure, storage failure, over-limit detection, origin return timeout, tracking failure, target position overflow failure, curve planning parameter too small, etc.   ·Integrated 12-bit resolution absolute encoder


  Technical specifications
  Model   Shaft diameter (mm)   Rated speed (rpm)   Rated current (A)   Rated torque
(N · m)
  Integrated encoder   Rated power (W)   Body length X (mm)   Weight (kg)
  BLM4205A-*-A   Φ5   3000   2.8   0.15   √   50   80.5   0.8
  BLM4203A-*-A   Φ5   3000   1.9   0.1   √   30   60.5   0.34
  Note: * indicates support for CAN / CANopen bus, RS-485 communication mode



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